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Sam Zell Says Oklahoma Stack Prospects Are 'Awesome'

Sam Zell, founder and chairman of Equity Group Investments, discusses energy investments, the ability of shale oil to add supply, and his company’s commitment to the Oklahoma Stack oil formation.


Sam Zell has his company and shareholders best interest at heart and he is not willing to invest in any type of business or industry that he knows he could lose big money. With Sam saying that he has fully committed to investing in the Oklahoma Stacks, shows that this is an investment well worth buying into. Now is the time to buy while prices are good, and there is plentiful to buy. The news is starting to spread and more and more companies like Equity Group Investments will be getting in on these amazing investment opportunities. If people like Sam Zell says the Stack play is “Awesome”, then you know you need to move on it quick!


Stack Royalties is committed to helping you invest in the best stack play, and helping you achieve an investment that can bring you MILLIONS of dollars! Contact us today to see how you can start investing like Sam Zell and many others in the Oklahoma Stack Play!

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