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Evaluation Anchor

1.) Evaluation

The first step in any purchase of minerals or royalties is evaluation. Stack Royalties provides its customers with thorough Geo-Science related material, well evaluations, drilling activity and much more. Knowing where the play is heading is crucial in being able to profit from a rapidly changing mineral price environment. Stack Royalties has been instrumental in its Geo-Science activities over the last two years to identify the extension of the Stack from the core counties of Blaine, Kingfisher, Canadian now expanding westward. Stack Royalties only focuses on the "over-pressured" wet gas and high gravity oil windows that make minerals in these areas far superior to the rest of the play.

2.) Title Examination

Every mineral acre sold through Stack Royalties has gone through thorough title examinations to make sure the chain of ownership from its origin in the early 1900's has been documented and recorded properly. Every mineral tract that Stack Royalties has in its portfolio comes with all vetting materials and official Title Attorneys Title Opinion.

3.) Record Your Mineral Deed

Record your deed anchor

Once you have chosen your mineral acreage and the transaction has been funded, we will assign you your minerals by way of conveyance. You will choose to either have the minerals in your personal name or in a trust or partnership for more preferred tax treatment.

4.) Send a copy of your deed to Oil company to update pay records.

Once your deed has been recorded, you must send a copy to the oil company that is producing, or soon to be producing oil and gas on your properties. You will be added on to their "Paydeck" which properly identifies you and your royalty percentage of all oil and gas produced on your mineral acreage. When oil and gas are produced and sold from your property, you will receive a check in the mail directly from the the oil and gas purchasing company for your portion of the proceeds.

Oklahoma City Land Office after the great land rush

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