The STACK play is located in the Anadarko Basin area of Oklahoma. STACK is derived from Sooner Trend (oil field), Anadarko (basin), Canadian and Kingfisher counties. The initial drilling and development started across Canadian and Kingfisher as the core counties, with a new westward extension now discovered moving northwest with over-pressured characteristics. Unlike Plays such as the Eagle Ford, Bakken, and Marcellus, the STACK is not a geological formation, but a geographic referenced area.  Stack founder Newfield Exploration Co. drilled its horizontal wildcat in the play in 2011 when its Anadarko Basin production was less than 3,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d). Its net leasehold across the basin was less than 125,000 acres at the time. It revealed the STACK play in 2013 with its first Meramec well reaching over 1,000 BOE per day.

Lowest Well Breakevens in the Country
Largest Overall Size of Production Zones

The STACK in Oklahoma reaches a thickness of 1,800’ feet in the deepest part of the Anadarko Basin. Having more oil and gas saturation throughout a large interval such as this, leads to multiple productive scenarios for a mineral rights owner. First of all, the thicker the oil and gas zones are, the more oil and gas reserves are owned. For the operator, it leads to more production and a lengthier production cycle. With the size of the STACK production zones, 40 million BOE per section are currently recoverable with full development.

5 + Different Production Zones

There are five different hydrocarbon layers that make up the STACK. The two most prominent and record breaking layers are the Meramec and Osage. The Woodford shale beneath was once thought to be the source rock, but many today deem the Meramec to have source rock capabilities as well. The secondary targets are the Oswego and Chester/Manning which many operators have already accomplished 1,000+ BOE per day completions.

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