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About Us

Stack Royalties was formed after years of experience within the stack play of Oklahoma to capitalize on best in class mineral assets not typically available to the public. Stack Royalties allows industry professionals and non professionals the ability to benefit from Stack's Geo-Science that depicts where the best acreage lies within the STACK and what windows to stay in for a more predicable appreciation of acquired assets. Stack Royalties was formed after years of drilling and operating oil and gas wells within the region which is now formally known as the STACK. 

Who do we sell minerals to?

Stack Royalties sells deeded oil and gas mineral rights to large mineral focused investment funds, private equity groups, oil companies, and individual investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Wether it’s an individual buying ten acres or it’s a fund buying 1,000 acres, all transactions are dealt with the same amount of integrity and care. There is a reason why we are the #1 mineral and royalty provider of the STACK play of Oklahoma.

Our relationship with fellow mineral owners

Stack Royalties 'management team has specialized in this STACK area since its formation and discovery several years ago.   With “skin in the game”, there is an alignment of interests with the mineral interest owners.  Mineral Purchasers should experience an equity equivalent upside based on the strategy of selectively identifying drilling activity and area permitting along the drilling path. With us also owning minerals throughout the STACK, we constantly stay up to date with industry movement such as well permits, completion methods, production levels, transactions and much more. We are proud to share this information with our mineral purchasers through our dedicated web portal for fellow mineral owners on our website,

Why we focus on the STACK of Oklahoma

1.) The STACK has the lowest breakeven well costs in the country. Currently the breakeven cost for individual wells drilled within the over-pressured STACK is between $25-$31 dollars a barrel.


2.) The newly discovered STACK allows significant price appreciation for early mineral buyers. With all new revolutionary discoveries, the early entrants are rewarded handsomely as the area gets more developed and large mineral rights acquisitions are made.

3.) The STACK has the best well results in the country giving staggering royalty income to  mineral owners.  The best performing well to date came online at 7,400  BOE per day, with new records being set monthly.


4.) We know the STACK better than anyone, pure and simple.

Ongoing Mineral Consulting

Stack Royalties will always assist our mineral purchasers with advice as to mineral leasing, lease renewing, force pooling, divestiture options plus many more. Having a tried and true oil and gas veteran in your corner to help you navigate the waters of oil and gas with the “big boys” is an invaluable asset to you for years to come. We at Stack will always be available to our mineral purchasers and will be able to provide valuable industry insight not typically available to the non-industry public.

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